Print Media: Your Secret Weapon For Your Business Career

Whilst you are studying at college and indeed even when you start your business career, you will doubtlessly be putting your new media skills to good use.

When it comes to marketing either your own business or the one that you start work in, the power of social media is not to be underestimated. And as a former King’s Bruton student, you undoubtedly become a wiz of SEO marketing and completely master the art of making your website mobile friendly.

But, no matter how well you build your brand online and how well your company aces in the search engines, your business and your brand is missing out if it does not have print media in its corner.

However, utilising print media and incorporating printed promotional items does not simply have to mean old hat, in today’s buzzing economy.

There are many ways, with a little creative thought, that you can bring something as traditional as business promotional products into line with your digital strategy.


A clever use of QR codes is a very good way of tying in your media promotions and corporate promotional products with your online presence.

Whether it’s on your newsletter or flyers, this is a great way of bringing new customers to your website.


If you are at a trade fair, for example, a good way of creating a buzz around your company, brand or product is by printing its name up with a hashtag and help get some interest out there.

Try attaching it to a large, life-sized poster or some other printed promotional item, which will attract interest and give people something to take selfies around!


Don’t just take your facebook or other social media followers for granted. Give them an incentive to ‘like’ you or your product, or make it worth their while giving you their email addresses, by giving them a little something for their loyalty.

Branded giveaways may cost less than you think. Nowadays the price of business promotional products has fallen, but the quality has improved.

Think of a little thing, that your customers may appreciate, whether it is branded leisure wear or something a bit smaller – maybe even a funky take on the traditional corporate cup. People love a freebie and more than that, they will remember the business that gave them something for doing nothing – well, nearly nothing!


Following on about rewarding your customers and followers on social media, here is another idea.

Say for example you are looking at a number of different designs for some branded giveaways – possibly a branded t-shirt or something similar. If you’re not sure about which design or exactly which printed promotional products your brand should go with, ask the people who matter – the public!

You can allow your followers to decide on which theme or design to go with – and then, of course, reward those instrumental in helping you decide, with some of the corporate gift bags that you are cooking up!

These are just a few ways that, with a bit of clever thought, you can combine both the traditional media promotions of printed promotional items with the digital era!